Global Solutions and its subsidiaries have been in voice over IP business since 1999. We are interconnected with most tier-1 local and international carriers in the world, specially in North America, Europe and Middle East.

GSXIP customers range from small and medium enterprises to calling cards and nation wide operators. GSXIP is a leading solution provider to business customers and international service providers.

Our VoIP services are behind many successful ITSPs, calling card and carrier customers. Those customers also rely on us to provide them with high quality interconnections in different parts of the world. We leverage both our internal technical expertise and our strategic partnerships to provide our clients with the best overall services to meet their unique requirements. Providing direct connections and high quality are our highest priority.

GSXIP's management has been at the bleeding edge of technology since 1995 and has the experience and resources to offer you the benefits of today's technology without risk.