How to connect with us:

We have three simple steps to interconnect. Each step will be negoatiated, agreed and signed by both sides.

1. Signing NDA
First order of business is signing a confidentiality agreement. Privacy is very important to us and your information (and ours) should be protected by both sides. Our NDA ensures the mutual agreement about the confidentiality of all future agreements.

2. Negotiations and Contract
Negotiating terms, conditions, areas of interest and business due diligence helps us understand your requirements, areas of strength and how we can work with each other on a long term basis. It also sets expectations of both sides from beginning. This step may include checking trade references and past performances.

3. Interconnection and Testing
After signing contracts, we can move to interconnection and testing phase. At this point we can test our connection, check quality and statistics to make sure we are completely compatible. We need to compare our sample billing records to minimize the possibility of future disputes.

If you are interested to connect and work with us, please contact: to start a new business today!